Chemical Active Textile Technology

The Stedair® Chemical Active Textile technology consists of a waterproof, breathable protective barrier against common chemical warfare agents. When exposed to halogenated chemical warfare agents, the CAT technology acts as a neutralizing barrier to protect against lethal chemical penetration. The de-halogenation occurs at the surface of the CAT membrane and dissociates the chemical warfare agents into non-lethal chemicals. These bi-products are quickly dissipated in the ambient environment causing no harm. The CAT barrier, comprised of a monolithic membrane, protects against common industrial chemical penetration, viral and blood-born pathogen penetration, as well as basic radioactive bi-products.

Product Benefits:

  • Neutralizes chemical warfare agents
  • Breathable and chemical resistant (penetration and permeation)
  • Longer service life than comparable competing products
  • Lightweight, less fatigue
  • Increased durability and strength
  • Single skin design
  • No risk of saturation


  • Police and tactical response units
  • Security and crowd control at high-risk public events
  • Decontamination line operations
  • Evacuation use out of contamination zone
  • Emergency medical technicians
  • Military special operations

This barrier is designed to provide protection as per NFPA 1994 against chemical warfare agents while providing end-users with ergonomic comfort.