Stedair® PREVENT – Particulate Hood Technology

Stedfast is proud to lead the industry with the best particulate-blocking hood technology.

Stedair® PREVENT is the ONLY highly breathable, air-permeable, and flame-resistant material that offers superior particle-blocking performance and durability.

Stedair® PREVENT is the leading particle-blocking hood material. The PREVENT Particle Blocking Barrier Technology provides the best solution for firefighters.

- Protection against the dangerous cancer-causing particles
- Thermal protection from burns
- High Total Heat Loss, resulting in superior comfort and protection from heat stress.

Hoods manufactured with Stedair® PREVENT Particle Blocking Technology will be the most durable in the field. Stedair® PREVENT Hoods easily pass over 200 ISP launderings and still maintain superior particulate blocking performance.

Stedair® PREVENT is the ultimate combination of protection and comfort.

Performance Advantages:

  • 99.9% blocking efficiency after 200wash/dry cycles
  • Highly air-permeable
  • Optimal durability
  • Highest THL in the industry
  • Superior particulate blocking performance 

Brochure available in :
Stedair® PREVENT Spanish
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