Care & Repair Guidelines

Stedfast understands and values the importance of a well-maintained set of bunker gear. It is important that each fire department and care and repair facility also contributes to the longevity of each component of the suit. There is a long list of simple actions that can be taken directly by the fire department to help maintain the gear. Avoiding UV exposure, appropriate storage and cleaning the gear are a few of many different preventative actions.

NFPA 1851-2014: Care and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Firefighting:

General Cleaning Information

For Structural Outer Shells / Liners/Proximity Outer Shells / Liners / DRDs Soiled and improperly maintained turnout gear may be contaminated with carcinogenic hydrocarbons, diesel fuel, tars and or toxic chemicals that become embedded in the protective fabrics…reducing thermal protection, breathability, useful life and protective qualities of your gear. These noxious chemicals can easily be transferred onto the skin and eventually absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. Therefore, it is extremely important to properly remove, clean and maintain your Turnout Gear / PPE while maintaining the protective quality of these fabrics found in the construction of turnout gear.

Stedfast recommends that each organization assess the suitability of all cleaning products based on the requirements outlined in NFPA 1851 – 2014 Edition.

Please contact us for a detailed overview of our suggested Care & Repair Guidelines.