The Ultimate Moisture Barrier Made With PBI®

Stedfast is proud to introduce the most innovative moisture barrier available to the Fire Service worldwide. Stedair® Gold is a premium moisture barrier that provides outstanding protection and enhanced durability to Firefighters. This innovative product has been developed to combine the best technologies available to provide increased protection and exceptional longevity to Firefighters.

Stedair® Gold is designed with a woven PBI®/Nomex®/Kevlar® pajama check substrate and an enhanced bi-component e-PTFE membrane. Combining these technologies allows us to provide higher moisture barrier durability and increased thermal stability, which translates into better protection for the firefighter. This moisture barrier shall meet and exceed all NFPA 1971-2018 edition requirements, including water penetration resistance, viral penetration resistance, and common chemical penetration resistance.

Superior Flame Protection

Performance Advantages

Great durability

Increased heat protection

Superior flame resistance

Improved bursting strength

Lightweight comfort

Warranty backed by our best 7-year warranty

 Product Benefits

  • Exhibits passing results after ten wash/dry cycles at 140° F
  • Remains waterproof to a minimum of 1 PSI after exposure to -4°F
  • Attains a hydrostatic resistance of no less than 150 pounds per square inch
  • The best combined THL and TPP in the industry

Chemical Protection

STEDAIR® Gold provides superior protection against bloodborne pathogens, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), toxic industrial matter (TIMs) and other harmful chemicals:

  • Blood-borne pathogens
  • Battery Acid
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Gasoline-Fuel C
  • Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)
  • Chlorinated Water

STEDAIR® Gold Brochure

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Warranty Information

Stedfast is committed to the North American Fire Service, being the first in the industry to back its moisture barriers with warranties.

Stedair® Gold - Stedfast is pleased to introduce a seven-year warranty on Stedair® Gold. This moisture barrier comprises a 2.8 oz woven pajama check laminated to an enhanced bi-component membrane. This membrane will be composed of an expanded PTFE (Teflon®) matrix with a highly engineered polymer coating which translates into outstanding durability. Stedair GOLD consistently delivers industry-leading TPP (thermal protection) and a very high THL (total heat loss.) Stedfast is making a serious commitment to the North American Fire Service.

For complete warranty details, STEDAIR® GOLD Warranty