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The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends using a 3 layer non medical mask with a filter layer to prevent the spread of COVID-19

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Wearing a mask limits the spread of infectious respiratory droplets.

Stedair® Prevent AMT is designed to reduce the spread of infectious diseases by catching microbes expelled by the wearer yet also protects the wearer from microbes in their environment.  When we cough, sneeze, talk, or simply breathe we emit droplets with potentially dangerous microbes. The smallest of these droplets may hover or dri through the air for hours thereby potentially exposing anyone who enters that air space.

Ultimate combination of protection & comfort

Features and Benefits

  • 99.9% bacteria filtration
  • 87.7%  particle filtration
  • Highly breathable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Reusable and washable

Benefits of Choosing a Reusable Mask

Stedair® Prevent’s trusted Innovative Mask Technologies help restrict the spread of infectious respiratory droplets.

Top 5 reasons for reusable masks

  1. Increased longevity as much as 100 washes
  2. Washing your mask in 60°C hot water will destroy most viruses
  3. Sustainable and eco-friendly
  4. Won’t disrupt or affect the medical-grade mask provision
  5. Low price per use, one Stedair® Prevent AMT is equivalent to 100 disposable masks
Diagram showing all three layers of mask