Research & Development

With over 90 years of experience in the flexible barrier material industry, Stedfast's Research is focused on creating protective technological breakthroughs, adapted to our clients' needs worldwide. Our global view and broad experience allows us to integrate all technological aspects available to us {textiles, films, coatings, rubber compounds outside expertise (universities, government, suppliers).

Stedfast Research was established in 2006 to provide for profit research and development services to Government (DND) and private industry and product development and R&D internal to Stedfast.

Stedfast's Technical Team:

  • 13 highly skilled engineers and PhD, chemists and technicians.
  • Over 1M$ / year invested in R&D and quality control.
  • Constantly working on improving or developing products to better
    meet customer demands, expectations or wishes.
  • Technical staff is mobile to assist customers on site.
  • Work with customer in new applications.
  • Bring knowledge of product to the end user.
  • We often partner with our customers and arrange visits to his customer
    to help in special situations or make our services and expertise accessible.
  • We can offer the benefit of our worldwide network of expertise.