Industrial Coatings

Stedfast's industrial product line is found in a multitude of applications, from high-end telecommunications to industrial barriers. Our expertise in chemical formulation has allowed Stedfast to develop products using many different polymers such as polyurethanes, neoprenes, chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSM formerly known as Hypalon), natural rubbers, SBR and EPDM. We offer products that are certified to many different technical standards such as NFPA 701. All industrial products provide excellent physical and chemical properties as well as durability and longevity for a variety of markets.

Flexible Duct Connectors

Roofing Membranes
Dock Seals


  • Roofing membranes
  • Flexible Duct Connectors
  • Compost Covers
  • Flashing
  • Bridge decking
  • Flexible ventilation
  • Gasket materials
  • Dock seals
  • Bladders
  • Specialized tents and tarpaulins
  • Specialized Telecommunication Protection

Product Benefits

  • Highly waterproof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Resistant to weathering and UV degradation
  • Flame and heat resistant
  • Excellent resistance to tearing and breaking
  • Available in a variety of colors

All these products need to be rugged and durable for all the different applications to which they are dedicated. The formulation and chemistry of each rubber compound is carefully optimized to provide specific performances and results using many different textiles substrates such as fiber glass, polyester, nylon, cotton and aramid fibers. Stedfast's expertise in formulating rubber compounds allows us to custom manufacture private labels and develop new products for end use applications.