Coated Protective Barriers

Our coated barriers meet and exceed HRC level 2 arc ratings as per NFPA 70E, thus providing end users with excellent protection and high performance. These coated products are also designed to protect against chemical penetration and hydrocarbon contamination. Flame-resistant substrates can be coated with PVCs, urethanes, or neoprenes.

Stedprene® protective barriers are the ultimate safeguard for workers facing chemical splash hazards and flash fire dangers. Engineered to offer unparalleled protection, these barriers are your frontline defense against various hazards.  

Chemical Resistance: Stedprene® barriers are designed to withstand strong acids, bases, oxidizing agents, toxic industrial chemicals, oils, and hydrocarbon derivatives.

Flame-Resistant: In addition to chemical resistance, our barriers also excel in the face of heat, thermal exposure, and flash fire hazards. You can trust our flame-resistant technology to shield you from these potential dangers.

Durability: We understand the demands of everyday exposure, so our barriers are engineered with durability in mind. Our abrasion-resistant neoprene formulation ensures reliable and long-lasting protection, even in rugged working conditions.

Stedprene® 341 Woven Nomex coated Neoprene

STEDPRENE® 341 consists of a neoprene-coated Nomex IIIA substrate for arc protective barriers that shield against elements and arc hazards (HRC 2) while providing end users with added chemical protection. Our line of neoprene products is abrasion-resistant, flame-resistant, and resistant to UV degradation.

Product Benefits:

  • Flame Resistant as per ASTM D6413
  • Flash Fire Protection as per ASTM F1930
  • NPFA 70E - Level 2
  • Compliant to ASTM F1891
  • Chemical Penetration Resistance as per ASTM F903
  • Waterproof and Flexible

Stedcover 506 Non-woven Nomex coated Neoprene

Stedcover is a PVC-coated DuPont™ Nomex® E89™ non-woven substrate that protects NFPA 70 (HRC 2). This lightweight, flexible barrier is highly flame-resistant and resistant to basic elements.

Product Benefits

  • Excellent arc protection (ATPV > 8cal/cm2)
  • Durable and abrasion resistant
  • Chemical and flame resistant
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Available in a variety of colors

Our flame-resistant barriers resist heat, thermal exposure, and flash fire hazards. The durable and abrasion-resistant neoprene formulation provides reliable, long-lasting protection for everyday exposure.