Rainwear Textiles

STEDPRENE® neoprene coated fabrics are developed at Stedfast for various applications. Neoprene elastomer provides great oil and chemical resistance as well as great protection and durability against weathering, UV exposure, and environmental degradation. Stedfast provides seam sealing tapes for these products and offers full technical support and assistance with seam sealing parameters.

STEDPRENE® 399 (DND specification DSSPM-2-2-80-232) is a neoprene-coated Ripstop nylon that was developed for lightweight, supple, and durable rainwear for the Cadets. This product is also used in various applications such as Canadian Forces tent flies, ground sheets, and shelter halves, providing longevity for outdoor applications.
STEDPRENE® 351 ANTI-STAT (DND specification DSSPM-2-2-80-245) is an anti-static neoprene-coated Ripstop nylon developed for shipboard rainwear. This enhanced technology provides the same level of durability and protection but dissipates static discharges. This highly technical barrier is designed to meet the most innovative and demanding specifications.

Product Benefits:

  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Strong tear resistance
  • Resistant to chemicals , P.O.L.
  • 155 g/m2 (5.1 oz/yd2 +/-)

Available in:

  • Beige
  • Canadian Average Green (CAG)
  • Yellow
  • Navy/Black (ANTI-STAT)