Flame Resistant Rainwear

Chemical & Flame Resistant Protection

Stedfast is dedicated to advancing chemical protective barriers designed with new levels of technology, improving protection and comfort. The bi-component technology of the Stedair®  membrane is distinctive in that it allows high rates of moisture vapor transmission (breathability) while offering excellent hydrostatic resistance (waterproofness).

Stedfast offers high-performance chemical protective barriers in breathable materials. These barriers protect a long list of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and generic solvents. Our protective materials are also abrasion, flame, and heat resistant.

At Stedfast, we Stedair® that protection should never come at the cost of comfort. Our Stedair® Chemical Protective Barriers are a testament to this philosophy. These chemical-proof, breathable barriers offer maximum protection without compromising on comfort. They're also flame and heat-resistant, demonstrating resilience against arc and flash fire hazards, all within the industry's lightest construction for superior comfort.

Protection from multiple hazards for industrial workers exposed to foul weather,
electric arcs, flash fires, and chemical splash hazards.